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Astrology Course

It has been found very difficult to teach Astrology like subjects out of Gurukuls or other communication techniques without the help of Gurus. It has only been possible after most of the Sanskrit texts ascribed in Hindi and English. Now, with the modern communication techniques, distance learning is made easier, provided the text has been prepared by wonderful teachers.

Duration : 6 months
Fee :
For India
Rs. 9,000/- in two Installments
Rs. 4500/- before MODULE - 1
Rs. 4500/- before MODULE - 3
(Including Membership and Examination fee)
For Other Countries
300 USD in two Installments
150 USD before MODULE - 1
150 USD before MODULE - 3
(Including Membership and Examination fee)
Mode of Payment : Online, cheque, DD (In favor of satishsharma.com)
Medium : English & Hindi
Study Material : Through E- correspondence;
Examination :

There will be a final exam after the completion of 5 modules. On clearing
the examination certificate of Jyotish Praveen will be awarded by Indian
Council of Astrology Science.

Details of the modules
Objective: To get acquainted with astronomical terms in astrology, planets, constellations, horoscope and zodiacs. This also explains the mutual relation among planets, zodiacs and constellation.
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Objective: The objective of this module is to understand the mutual relationship between the planets, natural and acquired subjects of the planets, deciding benefic and malefic planet for each Ascendant. This module has two most specific concepts of Vedic astrology i.e. Divisional charts and dasha system. Divisional charts give an insight analysis of every subject of life. Dasha system is very important as this is the tool for the timing of the event.
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Objective: The objective of this module is to understand those concepts of Astronomy which are relevant to Astrology. This talks in detail regarding time, sidereal and Tropical zodiacs, nodes, eclipse etc. Panchang is very necessary to understand the importance of Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog etc. not only for predictions but for other aspects of astrology as Muhurta etc. One of the important features of this module is the introduction to transit of planets which is the basis of daily, weekly or monthly forecast. This plays an important role in the prediction of important role results from an individual’s horoscope.
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Objective: This module is the preparatory step towards the predictive section of astrology. This explains some unique concepts of Vedic astrology which will show the difference between Vedic and Western astrology. Divisional charts, Dasha, Yoga are some unique concepts of Vedic astrology.
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Objective: This module contains predictive techniques, inferring results from planets according to their position, aspect, conjunction, exchange etc. The twelve houses of the horoscope are discussed in details along with analytical points and examples. The unique part of this module is the art of calculating event and the timing of event using Yog, Dasha, and Transit. Important remedial measures to pacify the negative results of Dasha.
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